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Who says you can’t travel with kids?

We say you can and you should!

We have traveled as a family all over the US and to over 20 countries around the world, with more to come! we would love to share our love of travel by having you join us on our journeys and give you useful tips along the way.

Our goal is to entice you to explore and to turn you into your own storyteller. most importantly, Be curious about the world, other places, people, cultures. There is so much to see and so many people to meet along the journey.



Sara Grube Cerny

The author of Cerny’s Journey’s, Sara Grube Cerny, believes finding the true you only happens when you give yourself the opportunity to delve into the world and what it has to offer. IN the Cerny home, they travel to do just that. Sara is married and has 2 children and I are always thinking, planning or on our next adventure. It is possible to travel with kids and you don’t have to stay within a few hours drive, although that is not always a bad thing to plan a quick getaway. We are always willing to try anything once.

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