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As Travel Experience Consultants we focus on making sure you have the ultimate vacation that leaves you with memories for years to come. We do this by working with you to create personalized custom travel experiences. We are different from travel agents. A travel agent books your mode of transportation, such as a flight, and your accommodation, but they don’t take into account what really makes you have the ultimate vacation. A travel agent has affiliations with certain companies in which they will do their best to book you with as they may receive commissions from your booking.


We understand that planning a trip is overwhelming, especially when you have little time. We take the time to learn about you, your travel companions, your interests and will help you identify what will fit your interests and needs. While we can help with flights and accommodations, we believe that once you are at your destination will make or break your trip.

Do you want to go on a deep-sea fishing charter? How about a private tour at an animal rescue? A helicopter tour? Maybe a bird-watching hike?

We can and want to help you with all the details to fill in the days of your vacation to give you an unforgettable trip!

We offer a wide range of consultation packages to fit your needs whether you are just beginning to plan your trip, don’t have time to finish, or are just stuck. If none of these options work for you please reach out to us and we can tailor something just for you.



It can be overwhelming to think about planning a trip for your family especially when you have kids of different ages! Maybe you want to bring a grandparent or a sitter to help with care but you want everyone to have a memorable trip they enjoy! We get it! We can work together to find the best destination for you and your family based on your interests and needs! 

Escape with 3 perfect destinations that will be a perfect fit for your family.

After our initial consultation, we are able to work together to design a trip that meets many of your must-haves. There is still an opportunity for you to plan your trip but we can work together to supply you with the perfect restaurants, accommodations, and excursions for your next adventure! 

Discover 5-7 recommendations of excursions, accommodations, restaurants, etc to add to your itinerary. 

You can breathe easily for your next excursion when you work with us to help you plan the trip of your dreams! We can help you design a trip you didn’t even know existed! There is an experience inside of connecting with the locals and creating memories! We are happy to take all of the planning troubles off your plate and do all of the research for you for a weeklong vacation.

Roam with 3 Recommendations for Accommodations based on what fits the needs of your budget and family, 5 Restaurant Recommendations, and 5 -7 Recommendations of Activities that will fit your families’ interests.

Spending 7-10 days somewhere you’ve never been can be very but it doesn’t have to be! When we work together on your Adventure Awaits vacation we can work through all the changes and focus on where you can travel! Focusing on the local culture we will recommend the best accommodations, discover local eats and local experiences to embrace the sights, sounds, and culture! 

Your adventure will include 3 accommodations that meet your needs, help you to find 7 restaurants that bring out the local flavors, and work with local business owners to create 7-10 experiences for every day or your vacation that you will never forget!


Full discovery for a 10+ day vacation or if none of our packages meet your needs we can tailor to you.

This package is customized based on your individual and specific needs to create the best travel experiences for you.

We are excited to help you plan your ultimate vacation.

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