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Cernys' Journeys: The Beatles Story: The Beatles in India- Liverpool, England, UK #2

Although, we went to Liverpool for The Beatles, it has so much more to see and do. We were there long enough to see all of The Beatles sites, but left wanting to return to explore more. We will definitely be going back!

Facts about Liverpool, England:

  • Approximately 500,00 people live in Liverpool
  • Located in Northwest England a short distance from Wales
  • Liverpool has not 1, but 2 football (soccer) teams – Liverpool FC and Everton FC
  • Home of The Beatles
  • Hosts some of England’s most notable art galleries and museums
  • Liverpool has a connection to The Titanic. Although the ship never was in Liverpool, White Star, Titanic’s managing company home office was located there.

Trip Photos

Take a look at some of the exciting spots and good times we had while visiting…


  • Dom Doherty

    February 18, 2020

    Glad you enjoyed your visit!
    Hopefully you’ll be back again soon 👍🏼


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