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Passports: Travel Tips - Cernys Journeys
Travel Tips: Cernys Journeys

After years of travel, we are excited to share the essential simple travel tips for all types of travel to ensure you have a wonderful trip.

Traveling can be hectic and if you aren’t prepared, it may not go as well as you planned.

Most people are not travelers by nature and you only gain the experience by having several trips under your belt.

Unfortunately, we all tend to make mistakes, forget necessities, or are unprepared for the unexpected.

Hopefully, through our mishaps, which we have had many, you can stay safe, save money, embrace the local’s culture, have the most amazing vacation all while becoming a more savvy traveler.

So here is the list you have been waiting for:

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1. These days you should prepare to wear your mask in public while traveling. I would recommend bringing an extra 2 just in case one gets lost or soiled you always have a backup.

2. Always pack a hand sanitizer and baby wipes. This will ensure you have clean surfaces and hands! Plus, you never know when you might have sticky hands or no toilet paper in the restroom.

3. Have a mini- first aid kit to include Band-Aids, Neosporin, Tylenol, Tums, and Pepcid AC. Hopefully, you will never need it, but you will be thankful if you do. Side note, foreign pharmacies are amazing as they have many things that we do not in the US, so stock up.

4. Bring a water bottle and Drink water – the worst thing you can do is be dehydrated on vacation. But first, always check to see if the local water is ok to drink or if you should buy some bottled water. We tend to go to the grocery store and buy a gallon to 5-gallon jugs and fill up our water bottles.

5. If traveling abroad it is best to find an ATM to take money out vs. using a currency exchange as the bank fees are typically lower, so you get more bang for your buck. I would check with your bank before you leave to see if they have any affiliate banks.

6. Always, make a copy of your important travel documents and keep them separate from your originals just in case they are lost or stolen. When exploring don’t carry your originals only your copies.

7. If you are staying in one place for more than a few days find a VRBO and go to the store and cook your own meals. Locals don’t go out for every meal, why should you! Plus, it saves a ton of money!

8. If you have a VRBO, go to a dollar store before you leave and get some detergent for laundry so you can pack lighter.

Passports: Travel Tips - Cernys Journeys
Travel Tips: Hanging Bridges - Cernys Journeys

9. Pack a duffle bag in your main luggage to bring back all the extra items you purchase.

10. Don’t travel with sunscreen! If it explodes in transport it will ruin your belongings and ruin your vacation. You can go to a store and purchase when you get to your destination.

11. Travel with a credit card with zero foreign transaction fees, we prefer the Capital One Visa.

12. Always have some top experiences booked for your trip so you don’t miss out once you get to your destination. The worst thing is to look forward to something and not be able to do it because you didn’t plan accordingly. We are experienced Travel Consultants and can help you find the best experiences for your trip, ask us how by sending us a message!

13. It is ok to get lost… some of the best days are those with no plan and getting off the beaten path.

14. Put a change of clothes and necessary travel-size toiletries in your carry-on just in case your checked luggage doesn’t make it to your destination. Peppermints and Dramamine are always packed as you never know who may need one.

15. I love my portable battery – it is great just in case you need to charge any of your electronics and are not close to electricity.

16. Give at least one person back home your itinerary, just in case of emergencies.

17. Bring earplugs as you never know if you are going to have a noisy neighbor.

18. Pack light – it is ok to re-wear things as who knows you anyway!

Travel Tips: Luggage - Cernys Journeys
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19. Download any Google Maps so you can have access to them even if you don’t have service.

20. Use Apps like What’s App or Facebook Messenger to avoid any unnecessary long-distance fees. You can use both for text and video too!

21. Many big cities offer free walking tours. Stop into the local tourism office and ask. They will probably have other suggestions as well.

22. Find out when the shoulder season is of your destination and try to travel then, you will save money and there will be fewer people, which to me is a Win-Win.

23. Try local foods!

24. Ask the locals! Some of our best advice on things to do, places to eat, where to shop, etc. come from the people who live locally.

25. Learn a bit of the local language. “Hi”, “Please”, “Thank You”, “Where is the bathroom?” “How much is…?” go long way.

26. When shopping at markets, negotiate as nothing is ever priced for what they can sell it for. It can be fun to try out your skills!

Cernys' Journeys: Key West, FL USA
Cernys Journeys - Petra Jordan Treasury

27. Public restrooms can sometimes be hard to find, so go buy a drink at a McDonald’s and you are free to use the restroom.

28. Use public transportation, minus taxis– I know this can be intimidating, but it is also fun and a good way to immerse yourself into the local culture.

29. I am the queen of asking for upgrades with airlines, hotels, etc. – ask for them, you never know if they are available if you don’t ask!

30. The best time to visit high traffic sites are first thing in the morning, during lunch, and about an hour before close.

31. If you do go out to eat, avoid the touristy spots as they are most definitely the least authentic and most pricey.

32. Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes. Your feet will thank you if you do after a long day exploring.

33. Make time to relax! Even in the craziest of itineraries, you need to enjoy some time to sit back and take it all in.

34. Always have accommodations with WIFI as it is good to still keep in touch with family, your email, and your bank account.

35. Do not put anything in your back pockets as this is the first place a pickpocket will go to find something. I use a tight cross over a purse that I carry backward so the zipper faces my stomach.

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So that’s a wrap on our 35 Essential Travel Tips.

Did we forget anything? Leave a comment with your favorite travel tip!

Check out our Travel Resources page to find our favorites, save time, and money for your one-stop vacation planning!

Also, be sure to contact us for Travel Experience Designs for your next trip!

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