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Cernys' Journeys: Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple - Pune, India


Facts about Pune, India

  • 3.7 million people call Pune home.
  • Pune is in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.
  • Pune residents are called Punekars.
  • Pune is known for Aga Khan Palace, which is now a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, whose ashes are kept in the garden.
  • Pune has over 100 colleges and universities and is known for being the “Oxford” of India.
  • Badminton is said to have it roots in Pune, although Cricket is the main sport of choice.


What a culture shock India was for me, but Pune was delightful. I loved the people, the culture and the really enjoyed seeing the sites with my local friends. Out of all the places I have been in India, Pune is by far my favorite. I also took my first tuk tuk ride there, fun memory!

Trip Photos

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